Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 Reviewed

Oral-B’s SmartSeries 5000 delivers quality, performance and connectivity, and is our best rated electric toothbrush buy 2018! Continue reading and you’ll discover why we, and the British Dental Health Foundation recommend this toothbrush.

Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 Key Features

  • Bluetooth technology for real-time feedback that improves your brushing
  • Connects wirelessly to Oral-B app, providing brushing advice
  • Superior plaque removal—up to one hundred percent better than a manual toothbrush
  • Professionally-inspired round head conforms to teeth, oscillating, rotating and pulsating to break apart and remove plaque
  • 3D movement and four cleaning modes—Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive and Whitening—suit every need
  • Visible pressure sensor protects against overbrushing
  • Quadpacer timer ensures thorough, even cleaning
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Storage compartment for brush heads
  • Comes with the British Dental Health Foundations top Platinum Award
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Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 Electric Toothbrush Overview

Bluetooth Connectivity for Intelligent Dental Care

We live in a connected world – little surprise, then, that Oral-B’s newest Series 5000 toothbrush features Bluetooth, allowing the brush to connect to your smartphone. (the toothbrush works without the use of a smartphone, it’s simply an extra feature)

The free Oral-B app provides entertainment and realtime feedback, including time spent brushing (alerting you to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth), brushing habits (represented by charts and graphs), and reminders to replace the brush heads, for optimal cleaning. If you’re performance-oriented and motivated by statistics, the SmartSeries 5000 is the perfect brush for you, making it easy to keep track of and improve your oral care routine.

Round Brush Head and 3D Cleaning Obliterates Plaque

The Smart Series 5000 features a dentist-inspired, round brush head, which may surprise you, if you’ve only ever used traditional, manual toothbrushes with elongated, rectangular heads – but Oral-B brush heads take their cue from the round-shaped, professional tools found in dentist’s offices. A round brush head surrounds and and individually cleans each tooth, oscillating, rotating and pulsating to break apart and sweep away up to one hundred percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The numbers don’t lie – and neither do the results!

CrossAction Bristles Clean Where Other Bristles Can’t

Included with the Smart Series 5000 is Oral-B’s highly regarded CrossAction toothbrush head.

Comprised of circularly arranged bristles set at 16-degree angles, the CrossAction brush head is designed to reach far between teeth, working in conjunction with Oral-B’s 3D cleaning action to provide an outstanding clean.

And Oral-B offers a wide variety of brush heads to choose from – if the CrossAction doesn’t suit you, the Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss Action, Pro White or 3D White will. (Tip: to keep your electric toothbrush functioning at its best, change brush heads every three to four months, or when bristles fade, whichever comes first.)

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Versatile: Four Cleaning Modes Suit Every Need

The Oral-B Smart Series 5000 features four cleaning modes, making it the only electric toothbrush you’ll ever need.

Daily Clean is neither aggressive nor exceedingly gentle, runs for two minutes (at thirty seconds per quadrant), and oscillates and pulsates 8,800 and 40,000 times per minute, making it ideal for daily use.

Gum Care is best for users with inflamed or receding gums, providing gentle stimulation and massage to promote blood flow and gum tissue regrowth. Like Daily Clean, Oral-B’s Gum Care mode runs in a two-minute/four-quadrant cycle, but features variable-speed oscillation and pulsation.

Sensitive provides a thorough, but gentle cleaning action, running for two minutes (split into four, 30-second quadrants), and oscillating and pulsating 6,500 and 30,000 times per minute, respectively. Sensitive mode is ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Whitening was designed to polish and visibly brighten teeth. Running for a slightly longer-than-usual two minutes and twenty seconds (the extra runtime allows you to focus on cleaning your highly visible front teeth), Whitening mode varies in speed from 6,100 to 8,800 oscillations, and 28,000 to 40,000 pulsations, per minute. Unlike other Oral-B brushing modes, Whitening mode works best with Oral-B’s 3D White brush head.

Integrated Pressure Sensor Helps Prevent Harmful Overbrushing

Located on the Braun Smart Series 5000’s handle is a red indicator light that functions as a visible pressure sensor, illuminating when excess pressure is applied during brushing.

If you’re accustomed to wearing out toothbrushes in a matter of weeks, you’re brushing too hard – but don’t worry. It’s a common occurrence. Overbrushing is bad for two reasons: It wears out bristles prematurely (costing you money and degrading performance), and it can damage delicate gum tissue and tooth enamel. Try the Smart Series 5000 power brush – you may be surprised at how little brushing pressure is actually required.

Quadpacer Timer Keeps Your Brushing On Track

The Oral-B Smart Series 5000’s built-in Quadpacer timer helps you brush your teeth for the dentist-recommended time of two minutes – key to achieving and maintaining good oral health. Why two minutes? Based on clinical research, that’s how long it takes to keep tooth decay at bay – a small investment for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Of course, brushing duration is only one part of the puzzle. Brushing your teeth evenly is just as important. Oral-B to the rescue, with the Quadpacer timer – it provides an audible warning to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth every thirty seconds. If you’re using the Oral-B app, you’ll get a reminder on your smartphone’s screen, which beats watching the clock while you brush.

Rechargeable Battery for, on-the-go Brushing

Long gone are the days of being tethered to the bathroom wall. The Smart Series 5000’s rechargeable battery provides up to seven days’ worth of cleanings on a single charge, and recharging the battery is easy—simply set the toothbrush on the included charging stand. The stand keeps things tidy and organized (and features a very useful compartment for extra brush heads). The wide-voltage (110-240 volt) charger means you can use the Smart Series 5000 almost anywhere in the world.

Bottom Line…

The Oral-B Smart Series 5000, with integrated Bluetooth technology, is an electric toothbrush for the modern age, providing helpful insight and feedback about your brushing habits. It’s affordable (currently available around £80 – at the time of writing), the grippy, rubberized, contoured handle is comfortable in hand, and the toothbrush is well-built, thoughtfully designed, and packed with features that have made Oral-B a world-leader in electronic oral health appliances – and the Smart Series 5000 is proudly our top-recommended best electric toothbrush choice.