Oral-B Professional Care 600 Pink

oral-B pink professional 600Oral-B Professional Care 600 Pink Special Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush with Precision Clean Brush Head

The Oral-B Professional Care series of electric toothbrushes safely and effectively cleans teeth and gums, leaving them healthy and strong. Unlike ordinary manual toothbrushes, the Oral-B Professional Care 600 is able to remove plaque from hard to reach areas, without damaging sensitive gums. We’re happy to offer this toothbrush – it’s affordable, and uses the same 3D pulsation and rotation as other Oral-B products in this range, ensuring you a healthy, clean mouth every time you brush.

It’s Pink and it’s Awesome!

  • Limited-edition colour comes with a free travel case, making it the perfect gift
  • Made by Oral-B, the number 1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide
  • 3D cleaning (pulsates, oscillates and rotates) to remove 100% more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush
  • Rechargeable toothbrush with 1 mode: daily clean – easy to use and gentle on gums
  • Two minute quad timer tells you how long you have brushed for
  • 2 year warranty
  • …and of course, it’s pink!

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Oral-B Professional Care 600 Pink Special Edition Review

Recommended by Dentists, Trusted by Consumers

Oral-B is the number one dentist-recommended brand of electric toothbrush worldwide. Every brush Oral-B makes is designed for superior plaque removal, cleaning teeth more effectively than any manual toothbrush. No wonder that 14.8 million people globally trust the Oral-B brand to help them maintain good oral health.

Improved Motor Removes Stubborn Plaque

The Oral-B Professional Care 600 packs a lot of power into a compact package, removing up to twice the plaque of other toothbrushes – that’s because it pulsates at an amazing 20,000 times per minute – and rotates at 8,800 times per minute, using its 3D cleaning action to break up plaque and sweep it away.

Professional Timer for Dentist-Approved Brushing

The built-in timer makes a short, stuttering sound every 30 seconds, reminding you to switch to a different area, or quadrant, of your mouth, and another, longer sound after two full minutes of brushing have been reached – the time dentists recommend for even, thorough cleaning.

Advanced Brush Head Compatibility for Maximum Versatility

The Oral-B Professional Care 600 Pink Special Edition electric toothbrush comes with the excellent Precision Clean Brush head, and is compatible with a wide range of Oral-B brush heads (except those from the Sonic and Pulsonic series), allowing you to choose the ones which best suit your unique needs. Each brush head includes a coloured ring which fits on the brush head base – this is a very helpful way to distinguish which one is yours, if sharing the handle with other people.

I found the handle comfortable to hold, and it’s electrically safe and suitable for use in all bathrooms. Many purchasers use it in the shower. The included travel case was a nice touch – though the lack of such a case hasn’t been a major downside for me in the past, it’s always convenient to be able to pack my toothbrush into a case designed specifically for it. If you travel a lot, this is a good accessory to have.

Oral-B Professional Care 600 Pink Conclusion

This is a “basic” electric toothbrush, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it won’t do a good job – far from it, because Oral-B has packed the same advanced technology of its other brushes into the easy to use Professional Care 600, giving you great cleaning power and reliability – and a colour scheme to keep fans of all things pink happy. If you’re a girl that loves pink stuff, then this is the toothbrush for you.

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