Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite Plus

How long would you be willing to wait for whiter teeth?

A year – one month – how about one week?

That might sound like an impossible promise, but it’s a promise made by Philips, and they intend to make good on it, with their Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite+ Electric Toothbrush. Keep reading our latest review of this power toothbrush and find out whether it lives up to its promise.


Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite Features

  • Removes seven times as much plaque as a manual toothbrush
  • Superior stain removal – up to one hundred percent better – for whiter teeth in only seven days
  • Two weeks to better gum health
  • 3 intensity settings and 2 brushing modes (Clean and White)
  • Quadpacer and interval timers keep your brushing on track
  • Long battery life
  • 2-pin UK plug for easy recharging

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Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite+ Toothbrush Overview

Visibly Whiter Teeth in Just One Week

A specially-designed handle and brush head help remove up to one hundred percent more stains than a manual toothbrush, revealing a healthier-looking, whiter smile in as little as seven days! Of course, aesthetics aren’t everything—the Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 has been proven to improve gum health in only fourteen days, made possible by an ultra-fast, dynamic sonic action that forces fluid along teeth and deep into the gumline.

Two Cleaning Modes—Simple yet Effective

That the Sonicare HX8911/04 includes only two cleaning modes is not a drawback; it’s an advantage. This particular Sonicare model is designed to do two things – clean and whiten – and it does them exceptionally well. The Clean mode is best for removing plaque (the sticky film of acid-secreting bacteria that insidiously destroys teeth and gums); the White mode excels at scrubbing away stubborn surface stains, polishing and brightening teeth up to one shade whiter in one week, and two shades whiter in two weeks.


Three Intensity Levels—Customize Your Brushing Experience!

The thoughtful addition of three user-selectable intensity settings, combined with two brushing modes, allows you to create up to six brushing options, tailored to your needs and comfort level.
Features the Perfect Teeth-Whitening Brush Head

Included with the Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 is a DiamondClean brush head – so named for its diamond-shaped, medium-stiff bristles, carefully developed to effectively remove plaque and stains without irritating your gums. DiamondClean brush heads are proven to clean and whiten teeth better than any manual toothbrush—and are safe to use with braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Healthier Gums for a Healthier Mouth

We’ve all been told to “brush our teeth,” which makes it easy to overlook our gums – the soft, pink tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth. But healthy gums are critical to good oral health.

When gums recede, pockets in which harmful bacteria reside are created, furthering periodontal disease and hastening tooth decay. Fortunately, the Sonicare HX8911/04 electric toothbrush – like other Sonicare products – is clinically proven to clean and stimulate gum tissue, improving it in as little as fourteen days.

Cleans at the Speed of Sound!

Philips is an international electronics and technology company, at the forefront of advanced research, design and development—and that dedication to innovation is made evident in the Sonicare series of electric toothbrushes. The Sonicare HX8911/04 features patented, high-speed sonic technology that exploits the process of fluid dynamics, driving liquids that surround the teeth and gums into even the tightest spaces, expelling food particles and plaque.


Two Timers Keep Your Brushing on Track

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for a full two minutes, twice daily. That’s hard enough as it is, unless you enjoy looking at the clock while you brush. No worries – the Philips HX8911/04 has you covered. The 2-minute timer tracks brushing duration, powering off the brush automatically. And to ensure that your teeth are evenly cleaned (you’d be surprised at how easy it is to neglect certain parts of the mouth), the integrated Quadpacer Interval timer signals you every thirty seconds to move onto the next of your mouth’s four quadrants.

Long-Lasting Battery Lasts Weeks between Charges

The HX8911/04’s battery stands out from the pack, providing up to three weeks of twice-daily brushings – besting most electric toothbrushes, whose batteries last one or two weeks. Recharging is easy: simply set the toothbrush on the included small-footprint charging stand after each use to keep the battery topped up (though forgetting to do is of little concern with such exceptional battery life).


Pros and Cons of the Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite+

The Sonicare HX8911/04 has much to offer. Do you want the good news or the bad news? Let’s start by taking a look at its most obvious benefits.

• Highly specific design. From the lack of extraneous cleaning modes to the sleek, uncluttered handle and the included DiamondClean brush head, the HX8911/04 was built to be a lean, mean, whitening and cleaning machine.

• Effective and versatile. The sonic action, brushing modes and intensity settings, and the DiamondClean brush heads allow the the Sonicare HX8911/04 to clean teeth and gums incredibly well, while adapting to your needs and comfort level.

• Timers take the clock out of the equation. Having both a two-minute and 30-second quadrant timer means you can focus on one thing: brushing your teeth (and admiring your smile as it becomes progressively whiter).

• Visible results. Let’s face it: we’re visual creatures. It’s great to know that your teeth are clean – it’s even better to see. Philips is confident that your smile will be visibly whiter in as little as one week, and many people’s experience with the HX8911/04 bears that out.

• Brush head size. Some may find Philips brush heads a little on the small size, though size is very subjective. The advantage of a small brush head is its manoeuvrability – it can more easily fit into hard-to-reach spaces. Furthermore, an overlarge brush head may render the toothbrush’s sonic action less effective, whereas a small brush head concentrates it, for maximum efficacy.

• Price. The HX8911/04 is not a complex, feature-laden toothbrush. It doesn’t include a travel case, nor does it feature Bluetooth connectivity, and at a little over £60, it isn’t the cheapest electric toothbrush one could purchase. That being said, I still believe it provides good value and great performance. If you’re looking for the best price, we found Amazon consistently offers the best online deals.

If healthy gums and clean, white teeth are your goals, get the Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 HealthyWhite+ Electric Toothbrush. It does what it was designed to well, and the more you use it, the more you’ll find yourself smiling!

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