Colgate C350 Max White ProClinical

It’s easy to forget how valuable your teeth are – but without them, you couldn’t chew food. Your smile would look dramatically different. In fact, without teeth, your face would, quite literally, begin to collapse. Yet, for all their masticatory, aesthetic and structural benefits, we allow our teeth to suffer. They suffer from neglect, from too many sweet foods, from an erratic or insufficient oral hygiene routine – and from the indignation of being scrubbed at with worn-out, poor-quality, manual toothbrushes.

C350 proclinical max electric toothbrush

Like many tools, the once-humble toothbrush has been transformed by technological advancements. There’s no good reason to continue using an old-fashioned manual brush when it’s electric, motor-driven counterpart is superior in almost every way. And there’s the key word: almost. If there’s one factor that dissuades the diehard disposable toothbrush user from making the switch to electric, it’s cost. Enter the Colgate ProClinical C350 Max White One – an effective and affordable electric toothbrush that cleans brilliantly without punishing your bank account.

Colgate C350 Power Toothbrush Benefits

  • Keeps teeth and gums healthy by removing five times more gumline plaque than a flat-trim manual toothbrush.
  • Soft-bristled brush head is easy on gums, minimizing irritation.
  • Features integrated, dentist-recommended two-minute timer to ensure a complete brushing.
  • Whitens teeth in just one week with included Max White One toothbrush head.

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Colgate C350 Max White One Overview

Made by a Company You Can Trust

Colgate has over two centuries of experience in designing and manufacturing home and health products. They’ve teamed up with Omron, a leading healthcare and technology company, to create the ProClinical C350 Max White One – a powerful, yet cost-effective, electric toothbrush that provides incredible cleaning power, at an incredible price.

Outperforms a Manual Toothbrush in Every Way

Strong, clean teeth are the foundation of a healthy smile – and the ProClinical C350 cleans teeth better than any manual toothbrush, removing five times as much gumline plaque. How? Ultrasonic action, which generates an astonishing 25,500 brush strokes per minute, powering away plaque from around the gums, where, if left unchecked, it can cause decay and periodontal (gum) disease. And the ProClinical’s brush head features a carefully selected combination of bristles to polish teeth and remove surface stains, for a beautiful smile in as little as one week!

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Tough on Plaque – Gentle on Gums

According the NHS, the majority of UK adults have some degree of periodontal disease, which can lead to pain and bleeding while flossing or brushing. Fortunately, the Colgate C350 Max White One’s thoughtfully designed brush heads feature soft bristles, which effectively – yet gently – remove plaque and debris without damaging sensitive gum tissue. I can attest to the increased comfort when compared to stiffer-bristled brush heads.

Integrated Timer Keeps You on Track

In a world of constant distraction, it’s easy to lose focus – even when brushing your teeth! Dentists recommend brushing for a full two minutes, but I’d wager that many of us don’t, especially when using a manual toothbrush. However, the Colgate ProClinical C350 gives you no excuse for such neglect: a built-in timer not only switches off after you’ve brushed for two minutes – it pauses every 30 seconds, reminding you to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth, ensuring a thorough, even cleaning, every time.

Slim Design makes it Easy to Hold

Some electric toothbrushes have large, heavy, wide bases which, when transitioning from a regular, manual toothbrush, feel cumbersome, and are uncomfortable to hold. Colgate managed to pack the C350’s internal componentry into a narrow, streamlined and lightweight package that bears a passing resemblance to a conventional toothbrush, making it easy to grip and manoeuvre, and a cinch to throw in a small travel bag when you’re on the go.

Rechargeable Battery Means It’s Ready to Brush When You Are

I’m a big fan of rechargeable tools, toothbrushes included – there are no cords to get in the way and no disposable batteries to throw out. To keep the C350 Max White One charged up and ready to go, simply place it on the included charging base after each brushing. It’s a convenient way to store the brush when not in use, and will keep the battery topped up.

colgate C350 white one in box

ProClinical C350 Max Review Conclusion

Colgate’s ProClinical C350 Max White One is impressive – not because it’s bursting with ultra-advanced features (it’s a fairly basic electric toothbrush) – but for its straightforwardness, ease of use, effectiveness and relatively low cost. If you’re about ready to give up your manual toothbrush, I’d recommend the C350 without hesitation.

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