This website was founded in early 2014 by Brian Ferguson – a dentistry student at Glasgow University – with a passion for dental health tools.

We help people all over the world to improve their oral health by providing educational material, trusted information resources and in depth product reviews on the latest dental health products.

Whether you just want a brighter set of teeth, healthier gums, or better overall oral health for your family – we’re here to help!

Most people search the internet for information on the latest dental health products, but the internet is a big place, with people trying to sell you stuff in every corner.

It’s our mission to improve the lives of internet users.

We do this by providing valuable information and guiding consumers to the highest quality products from trusted brands, so that people are getting the products they want and need.

Our team gather information on popular electric toothbrushes and other dental products to put them through a strict quality check. Our quality check criteria covers everything from customer user feedback reviews to features to value for money, and more.

Only the “best of the best” make it to the site where we provide a complete overview of the top products.

We understand that some people can’t afford the most advanced and expensive brushes, so we also review and feature cost effective electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Pro care 1000 that provides great results at an affordable price.

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Mostly, we talk about toothbrushes…

But we’re much more than that, what we do here is help online consumers (that’s you) pick the right products for your dental health needs.

Because let’s face it, with such a huge collection of teeth cleaning products out there, a seemingly simple task like buying the right toothbrush, or flosser, or toothpaste, or mouthwash, or any other kind of dental health product is challenging.

…and when it comes to something as important as you and your family’s oral health, the right products matter!

That’s where we come in!

We’re a small team of passionate dental health product researchers, reviewers, and writers, where we collect the most up to date information on today’s oral health products and accessories.

We scrutinize every product, and run them through our quality pass check criteria, and analyse consumer feedback reviews, to help bring clarity to your purchasing decisions, and improve your oral health

Keep smiling!

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Recommended dental health resources online

The UK NHS website provides some excellent advice and guides on improving, and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. They’ll also help you find a local dentist. Unlike GP surgeries, you’re not required to live in the local catchment area to be seen by a dentist, all NHS patients have the right to treatment at any available dentist.


Another exceptional website where you’ll find some of the best oral health information for the public and professionals. They are focused on improving lives and preventing the completely preventable diseases caused by poor oral hygiene. The Oral Health Foundation are a charity passionate about children’s dental health, and host a convenient approved products list.


Call it a shameless plug – but of course, we have to give the Toothbrush Talk team a shout as a leading online resource when it comes to buying products that clean teeth and gums. We’re your one stop shop for all your oral health product needs.


Making the Best Toothbrush Choices

We specialise in reviewing toothbrushes – that’s our thing.

Our current best electric toothbrush recommendation can be found on our in depth buying guide, and shows our leading overall top toothbrush to buy in 2018.

We update our guide at least once a year, as new products enter the market, and reflect fluctuations in consumer feedback.


Reviewing Electric Toothbrushes

An overview of the top 5 electric toothbrush reviews that made it to our shortlist, which are well worth a mention.

Here, you’ll find detailed descriptions of leading Philips and Braun electric toothbrush – the leaders in dental health products.

On this page we also recommend an electric toothbrush that’s low cost, for those on a tight budget, who still want a quality product that maximizes plaque removal, but doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Here are some of our recent reviews:


Popular From the Blog

We roll-out regular articles on our blog – everything from product reviews, to information on ways to look after your teeth better, to the differences between plaque and tartar, to toothbrush heads, to advice on how to brush your teeth properly, (it’s not as straight forward as you might think – there is a way to optimize brushing) … and anything else we think our readers might find helpful or interesting.