This website was founded in early 2014 by Brian Ferguson – a dentistry student with a passion for dental health tools.

We help people all over the world to improve their oral health by providing educational material, trusted information resources and in depth product reviews on the latest dental health products.

Whether you just want a brighter set of teeth, healthier gums, or better overall oral health for your family – we’re here to help!

Most people search the internet for information on the latest dental health products, but the internet is a big place, with people trying to sell you stuff in every corner.

It’s our mission to improve the lives of internet users.

We do this by providing valuable information and guiding consumers to the highest quality products from trusted brands, so that people are getting the products they want and need.

Our team gather information on popular electric toothbrushes and other dental products to put them through a strict quality check. Our quality check criteria covers everything from customer user feedback reviews to features to value for money, and more.

Only the “best of the best” make it to the site where we provide a complete overview of the top products.

We understand that some people can’t afford the most advanced and expensive brushes, so we also review and feature┬ácost effective electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Pro care 1000 that provides great results at an affordable price.

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