3 Dental Health Apps You Should Try

What can’t apps do nowadays? As tired as the old expression, “There’s an app for that!” has become, it persists because it’s true. The idea of an app which helps you improve your dental health does sound a bit unbelievable. Good oral hygiene shouldn’t be difficult – just brush for the dentist-recommended time, often enough, using a good brush and toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss. It sounds so straightforward, but the fact of the matter is that we’re busy and pressed for time nowadays, and could always use some friendly reminders and encouragement to perform those simple but ever-so-important actions which keep our mouths – and by extension, bodies – healthy.

Keep reading – you’re going to learn about the top 3 dental health apps that’ll keep those teeth sparkling and mouths smiling!

Brush DJbrush DJ logo

Let’s start with the Brush DJ. The what? You heard me – the Brush DJ.

The premise is simple: Put the app on your device and enjoy 2 full minutes (the dentist-recommended time for brushing) of music (randomly selected to keep things interesting) from your music library. As long as the music is playing, you’re not done brushing.

Simple, fun, and effective!

Playing tunes has a two-fold purpose: To act as a timer; and to give you something pleasant to listen to while performing a very necessary, yet somewhat boring, task.

But wait – there is more. Brush DJ reminds you when to change toothbrushes (old, bent out of shape bristles don’t clean teeth particularly well), that’s why they’ve included a feature that allows you to set a reminder to change your brush every three months. Extremely handy, as I’m always losing track of when it’s time for a bristle update.

The app includes other important built-in reminders as well, such as when to visit the dentist next, and when to brush and floss. Did I mention that it’s free? I’m surprised they’re not charging something for this app, but for the moment this app will cost you nothing to download.

Don’t just take our word on how great this little app is – It is so good that it’s award winning and approved by the NHS

Here’s where you can download a copy of Brush DJ to your smartphone or tablet:

Apple iTunes

Google Play

Cleaning Your Teeth

So you’ve enlisted the Brush DJ to pump out the tunes while you make your teeth gleam – but are you really doing the best job you can? To be sure, check out Cleaning Your Teeth – an educational, informative game which teaches you exactly what the name implies: correct brushing technique. Cleaning Your Teeth uses detailed 3D animations to dispel common myths about how to brush and accurately demonstrate the right way to approach it – the app even differentiates between correct technique for those under and over 18 years of age, as it does differ somewhat between mouths which aren’t and are fully developed. You might be surprised at what you learn!

Now, let’s talk a bit about kids and dental health. We all know how important it is to instil good habits at a young age. The formative years are when ideas, values and habits become ingrained, and taking care of their teeth is one of the simplest – but most important – lessons a young person can learn. If a child grows up brushing infrequently or incorrectly, neglects flossing or doesn’t learn to rinse their mouth after eating sweets, they could face poor oral health by the time they reach adolescence, and struggle to undo such bad habits as an adult.

Kids’ Dental Health – Educational Interactive Book

To help ensure the young person under your care does develop good dental habits, consider introducing them to Kids’ Dental Health – Educational Interactive Book with Games for Kids. Available on iTunes in two versions – Lite version which is free and full version for a very affordable £2.49, Kids’ Dental Health uses a storybook format to present educational material in a kid-friendly format. Colourful characters – reminiscent of well-loved television cartoon characters – put children at ease as they’re told the story of a young person on a quest for oral hygiene, using a series of short games.

One of the best ways to teach kids something is to present the lesson in a manner that’s so fun it doesn’t seem like a “lesson” at all – and this app excels at that. Without even noticing, a child will learn to value their health and brush their teeth every day. It comes highly recommended by educators, and stays true to its kid-friendliness with no ads, in-app purchases, distracting social media features or data collection.

Remember – if you (or your child) struggle to brush regularly or correctly, of if you just need some fun encouragement, there’s an app for that!